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                IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT…not really. It was actually pretty sunny outside as Liru walked through Hikarigaoka. Today she wasn't being targeted by that crazy scientist, Super Doctor K-Ko, so she thought she'd take a look around the city. Being a werewolf, it didn't take her long to run through the entire town. What was weird is that she kept seeing an old lady around 80 years old continuously watching her. In fact, she was watching her right now! Feeling a little scared, Liru put on speed, hoping to escape her stalker.
Liru felt a sting on her right arm. Looking over, she saw that there was a needle sticking out from her arm. It was then that Liru began to feel dizzy. She soon realized that she would soon pass out. Liru took out the needle and stepped on it. She knew that she probably couldn't make it back home in time, so she tried to find a safe place to rest. Suddenly, Liru passed out.
Liru soon woke up in what seemed to be a bedroom for rich people. It was the nicest bedroom she'd ever been in.  She tried to move, but she then realized that she was strapped to the bed. Even with her enhanced werewolf strength, she couldn't break free. Then someone walked inside the room. To her dismay, it was the lady that was stalking her.
"Alright Lady, what do you want?! How did I get here?" Liru snapped. The lady just smiled. She then pulled out a big chunk of Matsuzaka Beef and fed it to Liru. Liru loved it. It tasted even better than usual.
"The needle in your arm was made of silver, and it made you pass out," explained the lady.
"Ok, what exactly are you going to do to me?" asked Liru, still wary.
The old lady smiled, "Tickle you," she replied.
Liru stared at her, processing this information. "Tickle me?" she asked.
The old lady nodded, "I've been watching you for a while now. So I know that you're a werewolf. Also, I have a… navel fetish, so I'm going to tickle yours.
Liru just stared at the lady wide-eyed. She was going to tickle her belly button? The lady seemed so old and frail, but she just kidnapped her for Pete's sake! Liru wasn't ok with this.
Liru was about to speak up when the lady began to tickle Liru's belly. Liru, being as ticklish as she was, instantly burst into laughter, "BWAHAHAHAHAHA! HEY STOP! HAHA! QUIT THAT! HEHEHEHEHEHE! DAMMIT I SAID STAHAHAHAHAP! HAHAHAHAHAHA! LET ME GOHOHOHO! HAHAHAHAHA!
The old lady didn't let up. She continued to tickle helpless Liru for the next 10 minutes. Liru was beginning to run out of breath. Then the lady began to trail her finger around Liru's belly button. Liru knew what was coming, and she was helpless against it. The old lady plunged her right index finger inside of Liru's belly button. Liru was sent into hysterics, "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OH GOD! OH GAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAD! STOP! STOP! STAHAHAP! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" the old lady didn't stop. She swirled her finger around in Liru's soft navel. Liru thrashed around in her cuffs, but to no avail. Liru was running out of breath, she would probably pass out again.
"Sorry dear, but I'm having fun!" said the old woman. She continued to finger Liru's belly button for at least 7 more minutes. Poor Liru was helpless against the tickling. She was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down her cheeks. Who knew how long this was going to continue?
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! C'MON! HAHAHAHA! PLEAHEHEHEHEHESE STOHOHOHOHOHOP! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Liru screamed. Her belly button was being thrashed around. Liru did have to admit, it did feel somewhat good, but right now she couldn't endure much more of the tickling. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! PLEAHEHEHEHESE! STAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP!
The old lady finally stopped tickling her. "Well, that was fun!" she said in her old voice. Unfortunately, I have things to do, so I must go," she said while fingering Liru's belly button. What she did next shocked Liru. She pulled out a wand. She began to cast a spell! The old lady was a witch! "Goodbye for now!" the witch said. Finishing her spell, the witch transported Liru back in front of her house. Then Uma came out to greet her.
"Liru, where have you been?" she asked.
"Oh…it's a long story…," Began Liru…
This was a request from Karma-Beetle. So, here you go! I hope you like it!
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