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March 12, 2012
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Rikku loved days where she could comfortably wear belly shirts in public. Today just happened to be one of those days. It was hot out, and the 17 year old was taking a stroll through the city of Luca. She was walking alone, simply window shopping, when a particular department store caught her interest. She walked inside, not searching for anything in particular.

After a few minutes of browsing, Rikku was about to leave the store when she felt someone poke her side. She let out a slight squeak, and spun around to face whoever it was.

Who she saw surprised her. The person who had poked her was an old lady, seemingly of around 80 years of age. The woman was skinny and had white, curly hair. Her face was clearly wrinkled, and had no makeup on it. To be blunt, this woman wasn't very attractive. Lowering her guard slightly, Rikku tentatively asked, "Are you the one who just poked me?"

The woman replied, "Why yes, I am." She looked down at Rikku's slim belly and deep innie belly button. "My, what a lovely tummy you have, dear!" the woman exclaimed, running a hand over it. Rikku had to resist the urge to giggle, as she was quite ticklish in her belly and belly button areas. The old woman then asked, "Would you mind if I gave you a tummy massage?"

This took Rikku by surprise. "Err…no thanks," she replied. Just who was this woman?

"Oh, but I just know you'll love it, dear!" the old lady persisted. Before Rikku had a chance to respond, the woman began running her hands across Rikku's soft belly. Rikku was going to push the woman's hands away, but she stopped herself. This actually felt somewhat good. It tickled a lot, however. Rikku had to bite her lip to keep her giggles from coming out. She looked around to see if anyone was watching this. No one was. They were alone in that part of the store.

Rikku struggled to contain her giggles. How long had this massage gone on for? She had lost track of time. The old woman's hands continued to glide across her belly, manipulating it into different shapes and appearances. Rikku was having a hard time keeping her laughter in, but she didn't want other people to see this. She was surprised at how good this felt, despite the tickling sensation present in her midriff. That old lady definitely wasn't the prettiest woman around, but she really knew how to give one heck of a belly massage! She decided to let the old woman have her fun, at least for a while.

Rikku almost shrieked with laughter when she felt a finger dip into her navel. That was by far her most ticklish spot. The old lady took notice of this and, with a smile, inquired, "Oh, is your little tummy button ticklish, too?"

Rikku nodded.

The woman grinned deviously. "Sometimes when I see a tummy button as cute as yours…I just can't help myself!" With that, the woman plunged her right index finger straight into Rikku's deep innie. Rikku couldn't hold in her laughter anymore. She burst out giggling and squirming. The woman swirled her finger around in Rikku's belly button, causing the girl to laugh even harder. The old lady then proceeded to work her finger in as far as she could into Rikku's navel and rub the little nub at the bottom, sending Rikku into hysterics. Looking at the woman's face, Rikku saw an enormous grin plastered from ear to ear. She might have found it slightly creepy had she not been laughing so hard.

Indeed, the old woman was captivated by Rikku's adorable tummy button. It was just so deep and utterly soft. The woman wiggled her finger around in Rikku's tummy button a little longer, then used her index finger and thumb to stretch it out so she could get a good look into it. She got a clear view of the navel's interior, paying close attention to the nub at the bottom. "Oh, my!" proclaimed the woman. "You have a very deep tummy button, young lady!" Rikku tried to respond, but found herself unable to stop laughing long enough to even form a response. Still stretching out Rikku's belly button, the old woman used the index finger of her other hand to poke and prod the nub in her navel, which tickled Rikku even more.

The navel tickling continued for at least five whole minutes. Rikku wasn't entirely sure why she let the old woman do this, but she enjoyed it anyway. The woman had an enthralled look on her face as she played with Rikku's belly button. She brushed her finger along the sides of Rikku's belly button, stretching it out even more into different shapes and sizes. She squirmed her finger around in Rikku's navel a bit more, then finally drew it out.

It took a few minutes for Rikku to finally catch her breath. Sinking to the floor, Rikku looked up at the woman and panted, "Well, that was…interesting, to say the least."

The woman smiled down at her. "Indeed it was. I had so much fun massaging your tummy and tickling your adorable tummy button!" Just for good measure, she leaned over and wiggled a finger in Rikku's belly button again, which caused a few giggles to escape from the girl.

Rikku was about to ask about the woman's love for belly buttons when she looked outside; the sky was noticeably darker than it was when she came into the store. "Well, I should really get going now," she stated.

"I suppose I should to," the woman acknowledged. "It's starting to get late. Thank you for letting me massage your tummy and tickle you a bit, dear!"

"Uh…you're welcome I guess…" Rikku replied, still slightly bewildered. With that, the woman turned around and left, winking once at Rikku before she was completely out of sight. After a brief period of utter confusion, Rikku ambled toward the front door of the store. Coming outside, she replayed the day's events in her head, stopping at her experience with the old woman. She couldn't get that out of her head; it wasn't everyday that an old woman came up to you, massaged your belly, and then tickled you until you almost started crying from laughing so hard. Rikku threw her head back and chuckled; Yuna and Paine were going to love hearing about this one…
Requested by Karma-Beetle, who I sincerely apologize to for taking so long to write this story.

Anyway, a simple massage from an old woman soon becomes a tickle session for Rikku. Rikku is from Final Fantasy X and X-2, and belongs to Square Enix.
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I really wish that would happen to me and bellybutton is extremely ticklish
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I really wish that would happen to me and my bellybutton is extremely ticklish it's the most ticklish part of my body I could never hold my giggles in I'd be thrashing around everywhere!

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